MunKeat Photography » MunKeat is among the top wedding photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Specializing in wedding, portrait and travel photography. He uses both digital and film based analogue approach for all his assignments. He travel extensively throughout the world for assignments.

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    MunKeat is among the top wedding photographers based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Specializing in wedding ,portrait and travel photography. Mun Keat’s journey into photography was a late-blooming one, despite him being surrounded by cameras & photographers throughout his life. His grandfather was a proud owner of one of Ipoh’s oldest photography studios, while his siblings are avid shooters as well. His photography style is very much influenced by the classic film era, simply and timeless.

    He uses a blend of digital and film-based analogue approach for all our assignments. Being an avid camera collector while owning more than 40 over pcs of cameras, MunKeat utilizes varieties of formats such as 35mm, medium format 6 x 4.5 , 6 x 6 or 6x7 for this work.

    Mun Keat travel extensively for assignments all around the world.

Andy + Hui Wen . Gita Bayu

Photography + art direction : MunKeat
Assistant Photographer : Yee Hong
Venue : Gita Bayu

It’s great to be shooting in Gita Bayu once again. I am truly honored to know that the couple decided to have the wedding here after viewing my previous portfolio which I did in this location ! Being located slightly off the town center, I feel Gita Bayu is quite a nice venue for small garden weddings. It’s not very well known to start off with and entire place is really serene . Once again a huge thanks to Andy and Hui Wen for your trust in me and I look forward in see you guys again on your wedding day !



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Celebrating Vivi + Banjamin . Cherating Club Med

Engagement portrait on film with a Hasselblad 503cx

Chief Photographer and Art Direction : MunKeat
Vanue : Club Med

This series was done on both digital and film cameras. I utilizes a Hasselblad 503cx medium format camera for this engagement portrait assignment. What I love most about film is soft pastel like color of the film as well as the image details which is absolutely gorgeous ! I am really thankful to Vivi and Benjamin for sharing your love story with me. You both are absolutely beautiful together ! Best wishes !


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