I am proud to announce that MunKeat Photography will be featured in the 2010 Hiplist  for Wedding Photographers for the first time. It’s truly a great honor to be listed with among some of the best and renown wedding photographers in the industry which I truly admire their craft and talents. It took me a while to figure out the layout but I have decided to keep things classic and simply to reflect my style of  photography….hope you all like it.  The first issue should be out sometime in September 2010 and I certainly can’t wait to see my work being published…make sure you get yourself a copy too ! : )

18 thoughts on “Keeping it CLASSIC in HIPLIST 2010/11 !”

  1. Congratz. I love those shots of the bride. Hey! you should post more photos here, don’t just post a few and make us wanting for more. =P

  2. Haha..thanks for your kind words Kah Yee. I will certainly do. Been kind of short handed lately. ..Appreciate your visit..cheers !

  3. Azri , Alvin and Evan …..thank you so much for all the support. Best wishes to you all too !

  4. Congratz buddy!! Your decision to move is definitely worthwhile 🙂 Delighted to c your nvr ending classic art piece each time

  5. Hi Chia Li …yah indeed. How time flies and it’s already coming to 3 years ! Wow…I can still remember everything about your wedding clearly specially the ever so loving Dai Kum Che ..:p Boy am I old. ..

  6. Joshua ….Thanks you so much buddy ! Glad to hear from you : )

    Robin …Thanks and same to you too …Looking forward for tomorrow !

    Macy …thanks ! Glad you like it : )

  7. Hi Munkeat,
    Finally, the dream list has HIT the charts! Classically Simple is definitely very catchy! I’m looking forward to your grovvylicious encounters. I’m sure that there will be more coming in soon. Back to Basics rommance, no nonsense haute coulture style…

  8. Thank you so much Wiki for such an encouraging comments. Appreciate it and certainly an honor to have you visiting my blog as well. Thanks !

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