Mun Keat came highly recommended when we were looking for our wedding photographer and after seeing his photos, we were sold. We knew we had to get him and so the moment we confirmed our date and venue, he was the first vendor we engaged.

Let us first give credit to his lovely wife Jayce for being the lovely and friendly person that she is. From the time of our first email, she was always available to tend to our questions and getting MunKeat’s opinion on our theme colours and wedding programme. It’s true they say that behind every man’s success is his wife.

Having Mun Keat as our photographer was one decision we did not regret. Both Mun Keat and Yung Yaw made it so easy for the both of us, knowing that we were both very very awkward in front of the camera. Mun Keat knew how to lighten things up and was very good at capturing our emotions. Despite rushing for time, he insisted that we did our first look and exchange of cards before the ceremony. And we’re really glad he did cause that moment was really special for the both us.

Everyone else commented on how professional Mun Keat was and how he made sure every detail was perfect before he took the shot. He was easy to work with, friendly and most importantly his laughter and smile was contagious. Not forgetting his amazing assistant that day, Yung Yaw, who was equally as comfortable to work with and always making sure every shot was picture perfect.

Well it’s no surprise our photos turned out amazing. Beautiful memories captured that will be kept for a lifetime. Can’t stop watching our montage over and over again!

Thank you so much Mun Keat, Jayce and Yung Yaw for the lovely service and pictures! Mun Keat and Jayce shares the same wedding date as us and that just means he was there capturing our wedding moments on his wedding anniversary! Thank you for giving us the pleasure of having you as our wedding photographer.

Rachel and Tharma