When we first started planning for this wedding, we decided that the only thing we will splurge on is a good photographer because it’s only through pictures that we can have this day etched in our memories forever. And for both of us, Munkeat was hands down our best and only choice. We fell in love with his portfolio and decided we must have him. After booking him, we did not even need to worry about photography for that day as we have full confidence he will deliver. True enough, he did. We had only received the montage but it’s enough to tell us that the rest of the set would be as beautiful. We just can’t stop looking through the photos and admiring how perfect every shot is. Just like Jayce had told us, Munkeat is a perfectionist. Not only has he got talent, Munkeat is a ball of joy to have around. We are both usually very awkward in front of cameras but he made us feel so at ease and gave us so much to laugh about. It’s like as if we had known him forever. Our family and friends commented on how they love our photographer for his great attitude. And of course, this goes to McCain as well. You can see that both of them never stopped running around, bending up and down, climbing on chairs just to get those perfect shots. Every candid moments were captured perfectly. We have so much respect and appreciation for them. It’s been an honour for our simple and humble wedding to be shot by Munkeat Photography. Thank you so much for all your hard work. For those of you looking for your perfect wedding photographer, look no further. Munkeat is your guy.