“One the best investments I’ve ever made in my life. Great returns… ”That would be how I would sum up photography services I took up with Mun Keat for my wedding on the 12th of February. The pictures he took spoke a thousand words – each moment captured, each laughter caught was something that brought smiles (and tears) to our eyes (Jackson & I). After all, once a wedding is over, there are only the photos left to bring back the memories of that day. And we are glad we chose him as our photographer because thanks to him, we are able to relive that special day through the hundreds of photos taken to immortalize almost every minute of that day.

His personality is nothing short of his great photos. He was super accommodating to all our requests on that day and patient with our overly “happy” guests during the reception (thanks to Mr. Carlsberg!). He was friendly with everyone, which was essential as it enabled the crowd to be comfortable with their pictures being taken. His work and personality shone so much that some of our guests actually asked us for his contact to introduce to friends for their upcoming weddings – that’s how good he is!

Thank you, Mun Keat for just being AWESOME! =)