Munkeat’s is the most professional photographer we have had the pleasure of coming across. Not only is he a good photographer he is also very likeable as a person. We have had him for both our pre-wedding and  actual day shoots. I was really frustrated during my tea ceremony and seeing him somehow just calms me down. I guess that’s the one thing that stands out to me during the whole process was his patience and that really helped me keep my cool.

His work is notably good and it is also very personal because he always pays attention to the little details. We can trust that he always puts in the extra effort in all of his work. One of his best traits is that he helps us relax and feel natural during our shoots. The pictures are amazing! And all of our friends agree with us right after they saw our pictures!

Overall, his attentiveness, flexibility and skill has helped us produce some of the best pictures we have ever had taken. We will definitely be using him again!