After having spent some time thinking about how to put my thoughts and emotions into words that would do Munkeat justice, I hope this post adequately encapsulates the gratitude and delightedness that Stephane and I feel towards him and his team.

Munkeat came to my knowledge through glowing recommendations from my wedding planner. Though initially drawn to the lightness, artistry and timelessness of his shots, it was the actual meeting of him in person that sealed the deal. Munkeat had such an amazing aura, exuding warmth, friendliness and most importantly, genuineness. I felt so comfortable around him and was immediately convinced that he was the photographer I wanted to shoot my special day.

Despite the heat (sorry!) and hectic schedule, I was very impressed at how calm and cheerful Munkeat remained throughout the entire day. Due to delays in the schedule, he barely had any time to take the getting-ready, family and couple portraits. Nevertheless, I am absolutely amazed at how many gorgeous, high quality pictures I ended up receiving from him.

Something I really want to highlight is the fact that Munkeat had the foresight to notice that having only 2 photographers cover the wedding dinner of around 600 guests would spread them out too thin. He knew how much stress I was already under, so without question or discussion, he simply sent me a message generously offering to provide a third photographer for the evening do, at no extra cost. I was so pleasantly surprised and in awe of his professionalism and genuineness!

I was told that if there was one thing that I should invest in, it should be in getting a good wedding photographer, as the captured moments will last a lifetime. Without hesitation or a shadow of a doubt, I can really say that Munkeat was worth every single cent. He is truly a master at what he does, in a league of his own; one of the best photographers I know. Out of the many decisions I had to make for the wedding, this was easily one of the best decisions that I made.

Stephane and I could not recommend him more and am so grateful to Munkeat and his assistants, Andrew and Manoj, for so beautifully capturing every moment of our wedding day. The only thing that we regret is not having spent enough time working with and getting to know Munkeat due to our packed schedule. Since then, we have been eagerly looking for another opportunity!

With love,
Ee & Stephane