I am proud to announce that my side project on FILM PHOTOGRAPHY called 36.EXposures is having a brand new look.

36 Exposures is basically a site where I share my travel, streets, personal, experimental ,tips and reviews about everything to almost anything related to film photography. Keeping the passion alive and getting new inspiration is my main purpose for this project. Being a photographer, I love to challenge myself to shoot something different, something out of the norm so I could break away from the regular mold as wedding photographer. Shooting the streets with a fully manual film camera is one really good exercise to sharpen my judgements. No auto focus, no metering ( for some cameras that I use ), no image reviews and histograms, no burst mode, hence it’s actually photography in the most  fundamental form. I enjoy this challenge and the results in very satisfying indeed. Also just doing my part in keeping this dying art alive.








2 thoughts on “36.Exposures – A brand new look”

  1. You can definitely without a doubt pull this off. You are THAT talented. And we (the KII) truly admire and respect the fact that you’re always pushing your own boundaries. We’re extremely honored to have you share one of the most amazing parts of our lives. Keep rocking MK! We believe in you đŸ™‚

  2. Your comments and support certainly make my day Kim …: ) Thank you so much for the great time in China and Shang Hai. Make me miss all the awesome food there right now : )

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