A little encouraging words from some of my wonderful clients and friends. Thank you so much for all the support and kind words. It’s truly a blessing to be part of your special day. For more and latest reviews kindly click HERE !

Zaai-Yee + Lih-Hern

It was more than 6 months ago since the day we tie the knot!  But if we could pen down so much detail after such a long period of time, it does convey something. The experience must have been truly wonderful that it left such a deep impression in our memories! The day when the planning starts, we knew that we did not have big budget for the wedding, but we were hopeful. When we decided to sign up Mun Keat, we received many disagreements from our friends. “Are you insane!? Throwing your entire budget on him!?” Nevertheless, we were very persistent. We truly believe that photographs are the only physical memories you can keep, so we said:” I don’t need Vera Wang or Jimmy Choo. Screw that, I am splurging on photography!” 6 months post wedding, we can only say this – Mun Keat is our wisest investment amongst all! We came across Mun Keat’s portfolios online. It was already love at first sight. His photos are uniquely pleasing to the eyes and connecting to the hearts. His master pieces are not photographs. They are storyboards. His mind works like wonders. The capability of being able to visualize a story in his brain is simply amazing. Those works require deep love and passion, talent, determination, a keen eye for details and a creative brain that always works out of the box. You can find those qualities through his works. We simply could not reject him! Aside from being very professional in his job, he surprised us with his amiable personalities. Extremely down to earth, genuine and approachable. There was never an awkward moment with him. Lih-Hern and I are definitely camera shy. He was more than capable to keep us comfortable and natural during our portrait shooting. For once and on the most important day of our lives, we enjoyed being in front of the lens. It was even more enjoyable to see him having fun lying on the grass to find the best angle. It was a fun-filled heart lifting experience. The photos are simply heartwarming! Thank you Mun Keat for giving us the best time of our lives! We are both very happy for you of how your passion has brought you this far. You have demonstrated so much courage and determination for your passion. Your story to your achievements today is truly inspiring! We are indeed very proud of you! We wish you all the best in your career path and may your ever burning passion brings you to greater success and lead you to where you desire! Cheers to many years of friendships!

Lots of love, Zaaiyee & Lih-Hern



Nick + Rachel ( Penang )


MunKeat was our first (and only) choice because we loved his style of capturing emotions and his eye for seeing beauty in the simple. It is quite difficult to find another photographer like Mun Keat who is able to catch things that others will often miss. He is extremely thorough in his work, striving to give his clients the best pictures possible. He is very professional, and yet lends such a personal touch to his work. He goes the extra mile and is cheerful and works well with others. We really, really are so glad MunKeat was our photographer. Many people were moved to tears watching our wedding montage!

We also want to take the opportunity to thank  MunKeat for putting his all into capturing the important elements of our relationship – faith, love, family & community. He is so professional in his work and yet so accommodating & engaging. Thank you for giving us your best. Our dream for good wedding photography came true!! Thank you!!

We appreciate you, Mun Keat!



Caryn + Philippe ( Tuscany )


We were looking for a wedding photographer who would capture all the spontaneous moments and raw emotions in our wedding and Munkeat did that perfectly. We love how natural his photographs are and the fact that they aren’t too “posed” and over the top. Munkeat is an extremely dedicated photographer and would go that extra mile to capture the best photograph. His passion and creativity shines through and he found the most amazing locations and light for our pre-wedding shoot. We had a great time working with him – he is a consummate professional and has a jovial and easygoing personality which made us feel very comfortable and relaxed every step of the way.

Thank you for capturing all the unforgettable moments of our big day, we have received countless compliments from friends and family on the beautiful photographs and we constantly relive our wedding through your albums and slideshow!



Iris + Hong Tee


Hong Tee — Mun Keat is certainly one of the best photographers that we have ever come across. The reason we know this is he has the innate ability to capture the moment. It is not about taking good looking pictures but it is also about being able to convey the emotion at the time the shots were taken. And the fact that he is a very likable person who is able to draw out the best in you makes him the perfect choice as our wedding photographer.

Iris’s — I just want to say – Thank you so much for capturing our wedding day so beautifully. Obviously you hear this so many times but we are very happy with our photos they’re candid and natural just like we wanted. Not only that, I am even more happy that we gain a true friend after our wedding. Hugs and kisses to you and Jayce



Jessica + Varian ( London )


A picture is worth a thousand words. This is never truer than on your wedding day. This is also why when I first got engaged, my first thought was: I’m going to find the best photographer my money can buy!

Mun Keat was highly recommended by a close friend…but the initial meeting with him and his photos really sealed the deal. He is friendly (extremely smiley!) and comes across as someone who is genuine. Plus he has a good sense of humour. I really liked the fact that he wasn’t pushy at all! Then, there was his amazing portfolio – I just fell in love with the style and feel of his photos.

During my pre-wedding, we had a lot of fun, firstly picking out the outfits that my husband and I would wear and then wandering around London and Cambridge waiting for inspiration to strike. Mun Keat would find the most unexpected places with fantastic lighting and detail. He made the whole experience very laid back and relaxed and gosh, he is one dedicated photographer! The lengths he would go to just to capture the shot really impressed me. I recall one shot where branches kept hitting his face because of the wind! My actual wedding day photos were wonderful as well – every happy and heartfelt moment, captured forever…till today, I regularly flip through my (priceless!) pre-wedding and wedding photos, and I am so THANKFUL that I decided to go with Mun Keat.

So THANK YOU Mun Keat for sharing with us your unique brand of creativity, passion and fun!

Jessica n Varian




WeiSun + Bing Jie

Thanks mun keat for capturing our moments. We are really lucky to engage you for our AD. Thanks for making our day extra jovial with your presence, and thanks for giving us your 101%. We really love the pictures!




Edwin + Kate


We always wanted to have someone who can shoot naturally. It was our pleasure to have Munkeat and Yungyaw to shoot for our wedding. Munkeat is a very talented photographer. Our only request for him was to capture happy moments. He did not let us down, and in fact, he gave us more. He delivered to us, not only the photos, but real emotions and unforgettable moments too. We had such a great time working with him, air was filled with joy and laughter. We received great compliments from our friends and family on his work. Thank you Munkeat. We would love to have you for our anniversary celebration in future too, book you in advance *winks*.


Alex + Michele


Thanks Mun Keat for the lovely pictures! It’s amazing how you managed to capture all this lovely moments so precisely even though it only happens for a millisecond! Thanks so being so accommodative when the weather turns unpredictable.

It is a real honour and joy working with you and your team. We had so much fun being around you guys and at the set! Thanks!

Alex and Michele


Steven + ShuTing ( Venice )


MUNKEAT, is sincere guy with great passion in photography! I love his photos because it tells story and touching. He makes my smile so bright through the photos. Thanks again to MUNKEAT and Andrew to giving us such an amazing pre-wedding shooting. They make us fall in love in VENICE.

His photos always impressed me lot. He makes us feel like having honeymoon in Venice rather than a photo shoot. The whole progress of shooting is so comfortable and relaxing. Steven and I really enjoy the session a lot. Though the shoot was done half a year back but the scenes and experience is still very clearly in our minds.

The photos will truly be a fantastic for us to remember our honeymoon! ^^

Thanks for the great job and we appreciate  it much !

Best regards,
Steven + Shuting


Pras + Monika ( Switzerland )


Munkeat and Ndrew came to shoot for our pre-wedding and wedding day. I like munkeats style vintage old-school classic retro.. that’s how I would describe his photo signature. He’s very talented and very kind, also a very funny person.

We laughed so many times about silly things. We had so much fun with him… the shootings were very natural. I luv the mood he create and capture that’s really awesome.

I was checking out some other photographers portraits don’t know why Munkeat hasn’t get any award i don’t want to mentioned the other Photographers name but Munkeat’s works are way more better. I was looking at his editing once and it was very simple.. he was finished in 2-3 minutes.

We love his unique style and his passion for photography. I was discussing with some Photographers from Swiss about his style and shooting, and they were telling me that it is very very hard to find someone like him. So that’s a plus from our side and it was our honor to had him as our Wedding Photographer, we recommend everyone who really want amazing photos to hire him!!!!!

Specially for Europe people it’s is great to shoot around in different locations, one last word from me : The MVP Photographer of the year 2012!!!!

Warm regards from Switzerland

Monika & Pras



“One the best investments I’ve ever made in my life. Great returns… ”That would be how I would sum up photography services I took up with Mun Keat for my wedding on the 12th of February. The pictures he took spoke a thousand words – each moment captured, each laughter caught was something that brought smiles (and tears) to our eyes (Jackson & I). After all, once a wedding is over, there are only the photos left to bring back the memories of that day. And we are glad we chose him as our photographer because thanks to him, we are able to relive that special day through the hundreds of photos taken to immortalize almost every minute of that day.

His personality is nothing short of his great photos. He was super accommodating to all our requests on that day and patient with our overly “happy” guests during the reception (thanks to Mr. Carlsberg!). He was friendly with everyone, which was essential as it enabled the crowd to be comfortable with their pictures being taken. His work and personality shone so much that some of our guests actually asked us for his contact to introduce to friends for their upcoming weddings – that’s how good he is!

Thank you, Mun Keat for just being AWESOME! =)



Heya Mun Keat,
I’m sure Evelyn mentioned we were watching the montage for a few hours straight when we got back from Empire the other day. Hahaah not self-obsessed but were happily re-living the moments through the shots you guys took 😉
When I saw you face down on the church floor to get the bridal march shots – I was thinking to myself wow this dude really got us covered! I must say that from the montage we are most happy and pleasantly impressed so far! Mind you, I’m a serial perfectionist hahaha.
You’ve got some real skills there and I absolutely love the way you capture “the real shots” in a wonderfully stealthy way and know just how to read a couple and figure out what they’re looking for!
Even your choice of accompanying music from Kari Jobe was awesome. Am sure you get heaps of compliments but honestly we couldnt have made a better choice and are looking forward to catching-up with you when our photos are all ready – this time perhaps over some beer!
Thanks for the great job!
Andrew & Evelyn



Hey MunKeat,

A million thanks from Barrie and I for reminding us what a fantastic day we had at our wedding through all the pictures you took, and for capturing the moments that really mattered to us. The pictures have brought back so many great memories of the night – and I still cry *almost* everytime I watch the montage you made..you totally nailed it! All the best, keep taking great photos and stay in touch! xoxo


Kim 🙂



We’ve been looking through the works of a few photographers on the net before our wedding and somehow Munkeat’s style just really clicked with us. We had an easy time deciding on him for our wedding photographer after a few emails and a meet-up. During our wedding in Bali, Munkeat was just extremely professional and went the extra mile to capture some really magical shots.

His works are stylish and subtle, not over the top and pretentious. We trusted his work so much that we didn’t even need to give him too much instructions during the event. And the end results was really just what we wanted. I think the photos will truly be a fantastic way for us to remember our big day.





‘It was an absolute pleasure working with Mun Keat and his team. He was extremely professional, flexible, efficient and lots of fun! I’m very happy with the unique pictures of our special day and definitely recommend him.’

See you again soon !

Sherri Holtmann



Hola! Greetings from Merv+Jo!

Mun Keat’s work truly portrays a great artist at work w great zest of energy and passion. His quick shutter and clicks of each snapshots capturing the moments is quite a skill that we truly admired.

We truly enjoyed working with him and having him at our wedding.. His affectionate smile constantly put smiles on us and our guests which was a great add on as we celebrate the joyful occasion..

Great work MK and keep it up!!

Xoxo Merv + Jo



Hey buddy,

Words could never fully describe how appreciative and thrilled we are about the masterpiece that you’ve created for us. You really made the most important day of our lives memorable by capturing all of our special “moments” and more importantly, you went “above and beyond” any of our expectations (hike up Brga Hill with a 10 kg load…*salute*…such an amazing spirit).
You are AWESOME! Thanks for staying with us throughout every moment.
I must say my hubby and I watched the slide show over and over again…countless times!
Thank you so much for putting so much thought, care and personal attention! A BIG HUG




Dear Mun Keat,

It is with my wife’s and my deepest gratitude that I would like to thank you for capturing such a special occasion for us so beautifully and I really can’t thank you enough ! You’re the REAL thing ! You know what, we truly appreciate what you’ve done … and its not only me … tons of people said its superb your photos ! and they are chasing for it now. I’m DEFINITELY recommending you to ANYONE looking for a photographer for whatever occasions!






I would like to personally encourage you in your skills and talents that is being instill in you all this while, you have been a great blessing to Thomas and I, your charisma and generosity brings forth opportunities and its great to have great photographers who don’t calculate much with clients, and one of them is you! 2010 will be a remarkable time for you as you progress into your own entrepreneurship!! I pray that God will be so gracious and kind to lead you through no matter how the circumstances may be!

Cheers and God Bless


Jack “thumbs up



Hi  MK,
I knew you had natural talent when you first showed me pictures you took during our Philip Morris business trip to Switzerland. So, there’s no guessing I booked you as my wedding photographer even before I decided to get married. And your quality of work never ceases to amaze me and my other half every time we look at them.
Its not only the creativity which makes you stand out from a lot of professionals, you have an eye to capture beautiful moments as well as the true characteristics of individuals with ease. I’ve been following your latest posts; your work has been improving and makes me want to get married all over again, literally!!!
Kind regards;
Jean Lee




We were honoured to have Mun Keat as our wedding photographer for our wedding in New Zealand. Despite the long flight from Malaysia the day before, Mun Keat was up early the next morning all fresh and bright as day. My nerve as a bride quickly disappeared as Mun Keat’s good humour made me feel completely at ease and present to everything that was happening. For that, I’m eternally grateful.

Mun Keat’s artistic talents is second to none. He knows how to work the best angles that compliments us yet making us feel comfortable and at ease. All my guests at the wedding commented on how efficient he was. He’s a hardworking, reliable and definitely a talented and experienced photographer. The images he captures portray honest emotions that will forever be close to our hearts. Everyone I showed the photos to were very impressed with the quality and the wonderful moments that were captured.

I will not hesitate to recommend Mun Keat not only as a wedding photographer but also for any events. He captures the wow factor in every shot.

Best wishes,

Daphne and Steven Andrews



Hi Mum Keat…. we got to see the wedding photos and they are absolutely beautiful… loved the montage a lot….you guys did a fabulous job!!! Thank you so much !!
Best regards;


STEVEN  ( Chef + Photographer . Melbourne )


“MunKeat is a truly talented photographer and going through his stream you will see what I mean. He has a great eye, from portraits to landscapes to travel shots. His images capture the spirit of a place or activity and have a great understanding of light and shade and composition. I am very lucky to have come across his work and continue to look forward to more incredible things from him.”

3 thoughts on “Munkeat Photography Reviews and Testimonials”

  1. Great testimonial and I have no doubts on his ability and creativity..I’m his big fans on all his work..he is humble and friendly as well…a great guy to be..keep up the good work bro..

  2. Hi Kevin …thanks a lot for your kind words. Really appreciate it a lot ! Keep in touch and have a great day !

  3. Hey buddy,

    Words could never fully describe how appreciative and thrilled we are about the masterpiece that you’ve created for us. You really made the most important day of our lives memorable by capturing all of our special “moments” and more importantly, you went “above and beyond” any of our expectations (hike up Brga Hill with a 10 kg load…*salute*…such an amazing spirit).
    You are AWESOME! Thanks for staying with us throughout every moment.
    I must say my hubby and I watched the slide show over and over again…countless times!
    Thank you so much for putting so much thought, care and personal attention! A BIG HUG


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